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Troubleshooting Tips

Before you call us, try this…

Most common problems with televisions and other electronics include:
  • No picture
  • No sound
  • Television shuts off on it’s own
  • Television will not turn on
  • Sound is poor / distorted
  • Picture is not clear / blurry
  • Lines in picture
  • No picture, sound ok
  • Sound ok, no picture
Some of these problems can easily be fixed by:

“RESET” – simply unplug all your components, including TV, Cable/Satellite box, Audio Receiver (if any) from the power outlet, after 1 minute plug everything back in…


Check all cables behind your TV, Receiver etc. , make sure all are fully plugged in, you can try re-seating each one…


If you are experiencing issue with your cable / satellite channel but bluray, netflix, youtube are ok.. more than likely it is your source… TV IS OK.. if some channels look worse than others, it is normal.. TV IS OK


If you tried all of the above and still are unable to resolve the issue, please contact us

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